May 04

Hay Day Tips and Tricks

  1. Coins could be amongst the major currencies, still Diamonds are no less valuable type of currency in this game. Make sure to sync your account on FB with this game. This will allow you to receive a few free Diamonds.
  1. Use the following methods for receiving some extra Diamonds:

Each time you advance to the next level, you’ll get 1 – 2 free Diamonds. You will get 1 extra Diamond if you follow Hay Day on FB. Sign-in to your FB account with Hay Day. This will add another 5 Diamonds into your game account. You receive 2 extra Diamonds for finding out a movie ticket & viewing a 30sec trailer for a new game. You will receive Diamonds from mining after reaching Stage 24. Every single achievement offers you an extra Diamond. Last but not the least, participate in competitions from Supercell whenever they’re held on Facebook.

  1. You could also receive a few additional coins by retailing a few things.

Whenever you see a few construction stuff like dynamite, buy them in big quantities. As you’ll be retailing them quickly, retail every item you bought in wholesale in between 180 to 220 coins for each.

  1. Understand how the animals & crops are dependent on each other in order to improve your farming plan. You must make sure that all your animals are well fed. This will allow them to produce major goods. However, you will require little portion for making more complex stuffs for the marketplace as well. It will be better if you expand your farm uniformly amongst the animals & crops. This will ensure that the balance is well maintained, and having all the things you require all the time.
  1. Animals will not automatically appear inside any pen which you produce. Rather, you’ll need to tap onto the till sign, & drag the suitable animal in its living area. After it has settled inside its new house, you will need to feed it before it begins producing its own products.

This is one of those games which take a lot of personal as well as financial investment. A few individuals might get tired seeing the slow nature of this game whilst other folks might find it more comfortable for their playing style. For folks who are trying to speed things up and don’t wish to wait, you’ll be required to spend some Diamonds. But the good news is, there is one special program that will allow anybody to add unlimited diamonds and gold into their gaming account. It is known as Hay day hack. Using hay day cheats, you can generate all the things you want for making faster progress in the game. This is a special tool designed by the expert hackers. So, it is very fast & completely safe to use in the game. For a limited time, you can get hay day hack for free from this website.

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